Module Methodology

We start you off with our core system which provides a private-labeled custom CRM, Database Management platform and File Storage options. Based on your needs, we then add customized modules that are modified to meet your specific requirements and integrated workflow. This methodology provides you with the ability to have a fully customized solution that leverages existing modules that have been refined and proven to be best practices. In addition, our compliance and retention practices are designed to be completely paperless which supports digital interaction for tracking and accountability which avoids miscommunication and lowers paper costs. All the modules work seamlessly together for a cohesive user experience that is customized for you. Include what you need, exclude what you don't.


  • Reporting and Dashboard Analytics
  • Accounting / Billing / Payment Processing
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Automated Workflow & Program Analysis
  • Marketing & Email Campaigns
  • Automated Online Intake