Performance Based Technology

Performance Based Technology HOTB offers Performance Based Technology (PBT) platforms. PBT is a solution that aligns the interests of all parties involved in the successful deployment of programs. Simply put, we can provide solutions that require fewer upfront dollars with the majority of fees tied to performance or transactions. This way our clients know that if their program is not successful, neither are we. In difference, many competitors provide systems that require full upfront payment regardless of delayed implementations or ongoing complications that may hinder the use and functionality of the system.

With our PBT strategy in place, we have successfully launched several public facing portals and on–line intake systems that are required to support high volume and demand large scalability. We have done this for government clients, including independent state housing agencies in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Indiana, South Carolina, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi and Washington, DC. In total, we created the PBT solution for an estimated $4.0 billion in federal aid provided by the U.S. Treasury's Hardest Hit Fund®.

Unlike the traditional model of one-size fits all, we take a vested interest in our client's mission when delivery custom solutions that include customized outreach, marketing, advisory and best practices based on our experience. We understand that we have a responsibility in managing our clients "headline risk."