Partnership Opportunities

HOTB Ventures is actively investing in startups nationwide.

HOTB Ventures provides capital and resources to organizations that coincide with our overall investment philosophy. Our goal is to increase the overall value and validity of a startup. Already, in situations where HOTB Ventures has provided software resources and capital in exchange for equity, we attract additional investors looking for certainty of execution.

We have market strength in Fintech (high security), Healthcare (high compliance) and Real Estate (high volume) but we entertain all startups to diversify our investment portfolio. Since opening our division in October 2014, we have engaged with over 40 startups.

We have an executive team in search of our next great investment and we look at over 1,000 deals per year. Our division is headed by our CEO, Andy Firoved, and our President, Jason Connolly, and supported by Jimmy Puccini, Shaun Sanders, and Sergio C. Muñoz.

Contact: Sergio C. Muñoz at 949.398.5523 /
540 Wald Irvine, CA 92618

If you are an entrepreneur looking for partnership, please tell us about your startup via our Google Form:

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