HOTB Software Acquires Silicon Valley Startup, ReferralClix

June 12, 2015

HOTB Software Solutions Acquires ReferralClix

On May 10, 2015, HOTB Software Solutions in Irvine, California acquired ReferralClix of Alameda, California in a private transaction allowing HOTB Software Solutions to manage the existing platform and retain the clients currently on the platform. These include: Google, Motorola, Lenovo, I.C.E., Caribbean Cruise Lines, Circular Energy, SFX Preferred Resorts and Power Pro Providers.

"The acquisition of ReferralClix demonstrates our commitment to the growing referral marketing space," said Jason Connolly, President of HOTB Software Solutions. "In addition, ReferralClix's business is a strategic fit for bolt-on additions to our custom development suite to help our existing and prospective clients lower their customer acquisition costs significantly."

“We are ecstatic to align ourselves with HOTB Software Solutions because they share our values and vision moving forward,” said Mark Witte, Founder of ReferralClix, “The acquisition will provide strength in leadership and unparalleled resources to continue our positive momentum in this space.”

ABOUT HOTB Software Solutions (HOTB): HOTB believes in developing ideas into innovative products by cultivating technology, providing solutions, defining workflow, powering automation and connecting users. The HOTB team works closely with its Clients to understand their roadblocks and develops innovative solutions to overcome those obstacles. Critical problem solving skills, combined with technical knowledge and hard work, has become HOTB's recipe for delivery of comprehensive solutions for our Clients. HOTB Software Solutions is located in Irvine, CA, but serves clients and users nationally.

ABOUT REFERRAL CLIX: ReferralClix provides all of the tools and resources you will need to implement a streamlined, effective referral program. By incentivizing your current customers to share their positive experiences with your business, you will cut back on sales and marketing costs and build a more loyal consumer base. Since 2012, ReferralClix has served as the industry standard in referral and loyalty solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to help build business, cut costs, and raise profits.

For more information, please contact Sergio C. Munoz at or 949.398.5523